Retrospective By Dice Game

I have found remote retrospectives a lot more challenging than local ones. You lose the opportunity to use tactile games and have very little non-verbal communication. It is also more difficult to change up the retrospective format.

The dice game below allows you to to engage introvert/quiet people without calling them out and can be easily  adjusted to focus on different aspects. In the example below I combined team building (what do team members think about each other), reminders (are you aware of the team’s velocity, why is this important), some real challenges and fun.

I tried this game last retrospective. The team liked it and we had great outcome from question 7. The team member was surprised how well the team knew him and seemed to care.


SM selects a person. Then repeat until allotted everyone had a turn or game time is over:

  1. Selected person rolls the dice (With remote team members use an online dice site on a shared screen)
  2. Person answers the question with the rolled number in one minute or less
  3. Team discussion of ten minutes or less
  4. Current person selects the next person to answer a question

Sample Questions

  1. What should we do more?
  2. What do you think the person who selected you wants to do more?
  3. What kind of task do we estimate worst?
  4. Pick any other question
  5. Sing a song
  6. What frustrates you the most?
  7. What do you think frustrates the person who selected you the most?
  8. How can your PM help better?
  9. Pick any other question
  10. What is our average velocity?
  11. What is our sprint capacity in hours? How many hours in a day? How many hours do you code in a day
  12. What should your PM do different?

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