Which Agile Blogs Should We Read?

We read blogs because we want to learn, expand our horizons and keep up with new developments in the Industry. We write blogs because we are passionate about a topic, want to share some cool ideas and very often to market ourselves. There is an overlap but readers and writers are not always in sync. There is so much to read and so little time. Over the last few months I have looked at about 250 somewhat random blogs. I stumbled upon some excellent articles but the majority was either talking to the absolute beginner audience or plain mediocre.

One of my favorite quotes is from Jorgen Vig Knudstorp, CEO of Lego: “Blame is not for failure, it is for failing to help or ask for help”. So I reached out to see what blogs others read. Esther Derby told me that she lets her social network filter for her. She finds Martin Fowler and Ron Jeffries always worthwhile. Dan North mentioned Adrian Colyer’s The Morning Paper. Stefan Wolpers has over three hundred blogs in his RSS reader. Not sure how he keeps up. Barry Overeem’s favorites include blogs by Nomad8, Crisp, The Ready, Roman Pichler and Geoff Watts.

In my own experience I found about 50 blogs by 37 authors were very worthwhile to read. Dan North, Ron Jeffries, Dave Nicolette, Mike Cohn and Roman Pilcher had 3 or more articles of interest. Of Course I may have missed some awesome work by other authors. My conclusion is to watch some specific blogs. But I will keep scanning for the occasional surprise.

What blogs do you read?

Below is a list of some of the most interesting blogs I read this year.

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